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Parenting and Parenthood ...Leadership Lessons of a 6 year old (MUST READ)

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An amazing video has surfaced of Master Timilehin Falana, who was 6 years old at the time, now 8 years old.  He was given an opportunity to share his thoughts during a Sunday service at House on the Rock church to commemorate children's' day celebration and at the end, the lad left an everlasting impression on the minds of all that listened.

Timilehin's message was titled "Rule your World - Living your Inheritance in Christ"

Quick Take from the video:

  • Timilehin Falana is an excellent impression of an adult preacher.
  • He brought the Word with precision.
  • He brought the Word with such boldness.
  • Timilehin was not be distracted by the cheers and applause of the congregation.
  • He was simply anointed for the moment.


Leadership Lesson:

Leadership is an activity; it is actions taken and not a position. How did Timilehin Falana  get to this point of being able to minister the word so fluently with scriptures quoted by heart? Was the then 6 years old born that way?


His father said “he joins him to listen to CD’s and DVD’S of preachers and from there, Timilehin developed a passion for it so much so that on his own when back from school, and done with his homework, he slots in the CD's to listen to the word”


We need more fathers and mothers who by their actions will inspire and mobilize their children to follow their positive examples.  This is very important considering the gross abdication of responsibility and complete work avoidance of many parents, in passing the bulk either to the school or children’s church to teach their children certain foundational disciplines that should be learnt at home. Parents need to constantly show exercises in leadership.


The bible said of Abraham in Genesis 18:19

For I know him, that HE WILL COMMAND his children and his household after him, and THEY SHALL KEEP the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.


It is important to stress to parents that our God given authority over the children is NOT in perpetuity. It is only for a season, so whilst you still have their attention, use your authority wisely to point them in the right direction.


Also understand that each child is unique and different from the other, so we must avoid comparisons, and rather apply an adaptive approach. An important leadership competence required for parents to develop, is the capacity to diagnose effectively.


This will involve identifying the unique strengths, vulnerabilities and even triggers of each child. If the diagnoses are wrong, then inevitably the prescription or approach will be wrong.

The deliberate actions of the parents of Timilehin to develop in him an acquired taste for the word of God at such a young age, and instill the confidence to stand before a crowd and deliver the word without distraction is an example worth emulating. A child who is confident and eloquent is one who has been given an opportunity to express himself in the home without being inhibited.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have gone online to react and shower praises on little Master Falana:


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