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We don't Micromanage Akwa Ibom State University …Udom Submits (+VIDEO)

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Saturday, the 9th of May 2020 will go down in the annals of history, as another memorable day.  The day stood out as one that had His Excellency Mr. Udom Emmanuel, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, feature in a live, interactive interview session on Akwa Ibom State Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) TV and radio stations.

During the event which lasted 88 minutes, the Governor barred his mind on several issues of economic importance and also took time to respond to question that were posed. Some of those that clearly stood out were:

On Health:
"There is no substitute to life. So we are setting up a standard healthcare facility in all the 10 Federal Constituencies of the state. All of them are modernized with new model medical equipment of year 2019. The next containers arriving will contain 2020 model of medical equipment."

By the end of this year (2020), there is no federal constituency in Akwa Ibom state that will not have modern, digital, and standard secondary health care facilities.

"I will score the team handling COVID-19 cases in the state 100%. You see from every standpoint, the medical team is doing very well and the recovery rate of the coronavirus cases in the state is 100%."

There is a limit to which Government can protect you. Please wear facemask to protect yourself from COVID-19. If we find you outside without face mask, we will arrest you.

"there is no state in this region (Cross River, Bayelsa, Rivers etc) where the state Government has been able to set up a (COVID19) testing center. The only testing centers you have heard of are the ones done by the Federal Government. We also appeal to the Federal Government to use the help they are getting from United Nations etc to set up a testing center for us because we deserve a testing center in this region. The demand for equipment used to setup testing centers are high around the globe. Nobody prepared for COVID-19. It took the whole world unawares. The PCR machines we paid for since March 2020 are yet to arrive. Even if the machines arrive, the accessories those machines need to function will also have to arrive differently. Those machines are only produced on order and we are also on the queue with the rest of the world for the manufacturers of those machines. I am sure that in no time, ours will arrive and we will get the WHO, NCDC to approve them for us."
To watch the video of the interactive session, click here.

“by Thursday 14th of May 2020, we will do the final inspection of the Isolation centre with all the medical professionals. Everything from the bed space to the laboratory and even to the canteen has to be according to WHO standard. The only problem may be the Gas/ Oxygen Cylinder which is not produced in Nigeria. But I want to assure you that tape of the Isolation centre will be cut in about the next 2 weeks".

people criticized me for setting up a 5- Star Isolation Centre for COVID-19 patients in the state. Let me tell you, the life of every single Akwa Ibom person is very important. Do you think of how they feel at the Isolation centre? I have conscience. So I use my conscience in everything I do

“I hear people are sharing the mask. Please don't share the mask with anybody. It is unhygienic and you can easily be infected. If you enter a tricycle or a mini bus and you are being handed a mask to use by the drivers saying you should wear so they won't be disturbed by security operatives, please don't wear as it is very risky”.

Governor Udom Emmanuel

On Education:
"Based on popular demand, we are adding Primary schools soon to the School-on-Radio Programme. Ministry of Education is working out the modalities in line with the Primary school curriculum."

Unpaid salaries in AKSU? I am not aware of that and that is the truth. We don’t micromanage tertiary institution. We leave that to those that manage to manage it.My duty is to give them normal monthly grant… We don’t miss that at all. As we pay salaries to civil servants, we pass on the Grants to all the institution….

 On Security:
"We have installed 3G cameras at our road borders, especially the busy ones like Itu, Ikot Abasi borders. We monitor every movement at our situation rooms and I see everything from my sitting room. We don’t take pleasure in noise making. The fact that you don’t see me jump on heavy duty vehicles, does not mean we are not doing our best. Trust us, we have secured our borders. People have different styles of working, and I'm happy we are getting the results we want."

On Aviation:
"Ibom Air has placed Akwa Ibom state on the international business pedestal, boosted our corporate image and has heightened our perception as a true highly rated industrial destination. In no distant time, another aircraft will be arriving to join the growing fleet."

"It might interest you to know that your state stands for quality and whatever is of standard, we are in there. You can imagine a state government under this trying moment coming out with a mint and brand new airplane. The Years of guarantee for any aircraft is 5 years so an aircraft that is one year post-warranty is mint. The 2nd one is coming later on. Your Governor has a name and integrity in the international market to attract airplanes even without the state Government dropping any money”

“Everything we are doing is according to our business plan. We proposed 2 aircrafts for 2020, 2 more in 2021 and by 2022 we will set up so we can begin flying international routes. It is not easy. If it is easy, almost all states would have done it. I thank the Minister of Aviation for his support, the NCA, NAMA, the other 35 state Governors who supported us and all Federal Government agencies that helped us with the case of Ibom Air. A job well done is more job to be done. We are flying the Nigerian flag and that flag is also for our country and Africa"

On Religious activity:
"Easing down for the reopening of churches isn't the problem, the challenge remains the post-benediction interactions and body closeness that usually follow all service dismissals which very little can be done to control."

There will be no church services for now. You know someone like me I love church services but at a critical time like this (COVID-19 season), there is nothing we can do. We cannot allow church services because of the level of interaction after those services. You know we are Africans and we love ourselves. You can't take that communal life away from our people

“Please join your services online. There is adequate technology these days for Pastors to preach to the entire world and not even to members of a particular church alone. Gather your family at home and join services online. The same God in the church will bless you at home"

On Welfare for Medical Workers;
I don't think we are doing badly in taking care of our Doctors. Find out from our doctors how much we are giving them as welfare and compare it with what others in other states or even the Federal are earning. Then you will know that we are treating them well. We will still do more as our revenues improve

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