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Say No to Cultism....

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Consequences of Cultism
a. Death: some kill on the basis of supremacy and revenge.
b. Destruction of Health: Cultists are involved in one form of drugs abuse or the other
c. Poor Academic Performance: they perform poorly in school
d. Bad Reputation: Cultists have a bad reputation where ever they go.
e. Lack of Peace: they lack peace as they are always on the lookout for rival cult groups
f. Shame and Embarrassment: cult involvement brings shame and embarrassment, pains to the parents, family.

g. Loss of innocent lives
h. Destruction of Valuable Properties: cult members always prone to destroying valuable properties in the society.
i. Increase in Crime Rate: cult activities bring about increase in crime rates.
j. Increase in Violence: youths who become cultist do not value human life.
k. Bad Image: cult activities brings bad image to the society.

Spiritual Consequences
a. Cuts relationship with Brethren, Christ and God
b. It attracts Gods divine punishment.
c. Causes Spiritual Death
d. Loss of Eternal Life

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