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2019 Akwa Ibom State University Students' Union Election Guidelines

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The 2019 Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) Students’ Union election will hold on Friday, the 27th of September. A statement by Mr. Wilson Ekanem, the Electoral Committee Secretary, confirms that the voting process will be done electronically.

The release further shows that eVoter registration and accreditation will commence on Monday the 23rd of September 2019 by 8:00am and end on Wednesday, the 25th September 2019 by 11:59pm. A detailed breakdown of activities for the week are as follows:

Monday (23/09/2019) to Wednesday (25/09/2019) eVOTING REGISTRATION:
(1) Visit www.aksu.edu.ng/su/registration (this link is currently offline. It will get online Monday morning)
(2) Supply your Matriculation number
(3) Supply a valid email address, a valid phone number and click the “VERIFY DETAIL” Button.
(4) After verification, a One Time Passcode (OTP) will be sent to the phone number provided by the student during registration.
(5) Enter the OTP sent to your phone to complete the registration.

Thursday (26/09/2019) eVOTING TOKEN RECEIPT DAY:
>Thursday Morning to Afternoon:
(1) A list of accredited (Registered) voters will be published on all the Social Media channels of Akwa Ibom State University (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Web, etc).

>Thursday Evening:
(1) An e-voting token will be sent via SMS to all registered voters on Thursday 26th September, 2019 on or before 11:59 pm. The eVoting token will be required by the Voting application before any voter is allowed to cast his/her vote.    
Note: Please note that the e-voting token is to be kept secret and not disclosed to a third party.

Friday (27/09/2019) eVOTING DAY:
(1)Visit  www.aksu.edu.ng/su/voting (this link is currently offline. It will get online Friday morning)
(2) Enter the unique eVoting token. The inputted token will load the list of offices contested for.
(3) Click an office to reveal the candidates vying for election into the selected office.
(4) Click the VOTE button below the candidates of your choice.
(5) After selecting and voting for all your preferred candidates, click the “SUBMIT VOTE” button to submit your vote.
(6) A LIVE (real time) Situation Room shall be set up at the University Auditorium, Main Campus, Ikot Akpaden to enable real-time monitoring of the election process by Officials and candidates only.
(7) Voting commences by 10am and ends by 2pm on Friday 27th September, 2019.

The entire voting process is only open to active students of Akwa Ibom State University. Such students must have paid their school fess and must have completed their Course Registration formalities.

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