After fighting for 5 hours... 16 Prisoners are beheaded (+VIDEO) - aksu360

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After fighting for 5 hours... 16 Prisoners are beheaded (+VIDEO)

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Brazil, the country with one of the highest prison inmate population , is in the news again but for an unpleasant reason. At least 52 inmates died, 16 of whom were decapitated, in a prison riot that broke out in the northern Brazilian state of Para, the state's prison authority said. This is the 2nd time since May 2019 that a clash between rival gangs exploded into a horrifying bout of violence.

Authorities said the riot involved rival criminal gangs who took at least two penitentiary officers hostage as they battled one another.

It took 5 hours for prison officials to quell the riot at the Altamira jail in Para state. The clash erupted early Monday (29/07/2019) after members of one gang infiltrated another part of the jail. Video and pictures aired by local media showed flames shooting out of the prison.

“The state government will identify the leaders of the two factions involved in the confrontation so that we can put them in federal prisons,” Helder Barbalho, the Para Governor, has said.

Unconfirmed images and video on social media appeared to show chaos at the prison, with black smoke billowing out from inside the prison walls. People can be seen running around inside. One video appeared to show decapitated heads piled up against a wall beside a man waving a machete.

The Brazil office of Human Rights Watch has investigated the country’s prisons. Maria Laura Canineu, the organization’s Brazil director, called the violence the most visible sign of a structurally defective system.
“Nationwide, 40% of people in detention are awaiting trial,” she said. “Most inmates are black young men with low levels of education who depend on understaffed public defenders’ offices for their legal defense.”

(This story is published from a syndicated feed.)

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