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Peace is Back.... An op-ed by Afrosix Jaara

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Last month was filled with tension in the Obioakpa campus of Akwa Ibom State University. Every feet stood alert aiming to sprint at the sound of any knockout. Students were worried and i could recall this incident once happened in my dream last year but i waved it away, now i see it played in reality. A typical DEJA VU you can call it.

As exams approach her exit, PEACE is back on campus, as i see persons stroll down streets with smiling and calm faces compared to the rush hour motion last month. Truth be said, i was wondering what kind of measures will be taken to maintain peace and am impressed at what I've seen.
Afrosix Jaara
It's my fourth day in Obio Akpa and the security measures have been commendable, speed bumps have been structured along the ATAN road and college road, to reduce the movement of cars and bikes. Though this bumps seem too high but it's for the betterment of we (students) in cases of alerting person in front the happenings that took place behind.

A road block has been placed at small gate, another is about to be erected at the end of ATAN road restricting bike men from moving round school, both in the day and also at odd hours of the night. This new development affects persons that live around military zone but its for the best. The sacrifices we pray for men to be satisfied.

Everything looks calmer than usual, the normal hoodlums that harsh students have hibernated their activities, every man isolates on their lane and i wonder why this killing, rape and other mind troubling activity had to happened before SERENITY played on every mind. Well there's no need crying over spilled milk.

Remember, the first security man in school is yourself, i am mindful of every vehicle activity, every corner i visit, let your eyes observe the slightest movement and your ears pin down the pindrops in a crowd.

The CSOs and security men can't be everywhere at the same time. Your existence is precious but can be cheap in the hands of men with knives and guns.

Stay safe and don't forget to be at alert for a thief's hunger is like a man's appetite for sex, it will surely come again and he'll look for ways to satisfy himself. They might not come with vehicles but move with foot. Despite the claims the past incidents are caused by villagers, we shouldn't ignore the fact that those that attend classes with us, dine and smile with us can harm us.

Avoid the use of bush tracks and short cuts to your destination. Money and phones come and go but Life is essential. I be hard man, i be hard man, even an herbalist charms have limit, know your right and be cautious of your steps .SHALOM.

Be Safe and Stay Alive...

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