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An Odyssey of a Professional Teacher who wrote JAMB 7 times

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Call it Audacity of Hope and you will not be wrong. The true life story below paints a graphic picture of the odds that most Nigerian youths have to surmount in their quest to fulfill their life ambition. (READ TILL THE END)

Amongst her wishes and above all her desires, my mother wanted Aloysius Esuaiko, her son to be a Medical Doctor!

After the completion of my study at St. Mary’s Science College (SMASCO) in 2006, I went to University of Port Harcourt for my Aptitude test in Medicine and Surgery in 2007. At the end of the exercise, I was not admitted to study Medicine, but was admitted to study Anatomy. I rejected that offer and in 2008, I moved to University of Calabar for a second admission attempt at tertiary education.

What many call “the Nigerian factor” did not allow me to be admitted on merit. Challenges upon challenges came my way. A popular Annang adage has it that “if a tree doesn't fall, the axe doesn't rest”. I left for Niger Delta University Amasoma and registered for their Basic class and on completion and successfully passing the exams for the one (1) year program that would have led to my studying Medicine, JAMB withheld my result. I went to JAMB office at Yenagoa but they advised me to go their Abuja headquarters and inquire of my result. (who in the world did I offend? …smiles)

Aloysius Esuaiko in company of  one of his Lectures

Against the stack reality of failure, it dawned on me that perhaps God did not want me to read Medicine, which was my mom’s desire (what a way to console myself)

Out of the sky, I recollected my childhood fantasy of being a Solider, I activated it immediately and the Nigeria Defense Academy was my next destination. No persuasions, advice, etc could stop me from wearing military khaki, I imagined. As a young boy who loves discipline, instructions, training and combat, I now thought that being a soldier was my call. Unknown to me, God has other plans.

Bought NDA form and wrote the exams at Akim Barracks Calabar. I wrote the first exams, passed, went to Kaduna and Zaria, passed all my tests, training, running and all the regiments. ‘Wasted’ four (4) years in my futile effort to become a soldier. In my mind, I excelled more than some cadets and the mentors I had were super. (what a joke)

Discouraged and dispirited, I fell out of NDA. My consolation was that “if it was God’s will, I would have made it pass NDA”

I have written Jamb seven (7) times in my life. I was also doing a program at Michael Opara University Umudike after my failure at University of Calabar. At Michael Opara University, I was offered Food Science Technology against Microbiology that I desired. I left and turned down the admission.

Mr. Aloysius Esuaiko

In 2009, I  wrote Madonna University Medicine examination. I passed it but the school fee was too much. I told my brother to forget if so that I won’t stop half way.

I summoned courage, picked up Jamb form again in 2014. I filled Education as my First and Second choice and filled Akwa Ibom State University as my Most Preferred Institution of Study

I passed my JAMB exams and scaled through the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) Aptitude test. When the admission list was released, my name was number 3 on the list. During my stay in Akwa Ibom State University, I have had the privilege of serving as the Students Secretary, Faculty of Education (between my 200 and 300 level) and the Students President, Faculty of Education (between my 300 and 400 level).

Aloysius Esuaiko in company of his brother

Years down the line, I have completed my studies in AKSU, graduated with my BSc in the bag and days ago, I was inducted as a member of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). My calling now is to impact knowledge to mankind.

Many thanks to God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth.
Many thanks to my family and sponsors.
Dear mum live longer and we will continue to count the blessings.
Like always, the end justify the means.

(Mr. Aloysius Esuaiko is a Graduate of Akwa Ibom State University)

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