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AKSU Students' Union hold First Congress

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The first General Congress of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) Students Union 2018/2019 academic session got off to a good start as the President of the Union on Thursday, the 9th of May 2019. In attendance was Comrade Edianaobong Benson, Vice-President Comrade Glory Udosen, the students union secretary General Comrade Umoh Iboro Initially and other members of the Students' Union Executive and Legislative Arm.

During the congress, the President of the Akwa Ibom State University Students' Union highlighted the achievements of the Government to include
1.Stability in dissemination of information through the social media and other news platform
2. Diversification of sporting activities to cause active participation in both campuses.
3. Good standing relationship with the management to aids students' welfare, e.g extension of time for power supply at night,

Comrade Edianaobong Benson also informed the students that they are currently working to sort out the following students challenges:
1. Provision of standard Cafetaria in the Obioakpa campus.
2. Provision of Automated Teller Machine at Obioakpa campus.
3. Provision of alternative source of power(light) aside the school generator and erecting street lights at strategic positions in both campuses
4. Erecting of mini-market at both campuses.

According to him, the challenges they are facing presently includes:
1. Administrative bottlenecks in getting some policies achieved.
2. Poor utilization of the social media by students in disseminating negative information.
3. Inconsistency of the school calendar because of incessant industrial actions by the different university' union.

via Udotong Hezekiah

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