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NIN slip a valid ID instrument

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The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has asked government and non-governmental agencies to accept the National Identification Number (NIN) slip as a means of identification for Nigerians. The Director-General, NIMC, Mr Aliyu Aziz said that the process of issuance of the NIN slip was digitally secured. 
There is always a misconception by many enrollees that the general multipurpose card is what entails identification of an individual.Government and non-governmental agencies as well as service providers should recognise and accept the NIN slip as means of identification in the absence of the card.

Aziz commended the public for the acceptance of the National Identity Management Systems Project, as NIMC currently had about 33 million records in its database. He said there would be an exceptional increase of enrollment when the Digital Identity Ecosystem commenced in January 2019.  
The Digital Identity Ecosystem is a sustainable system where any of the data collecting government agencies or licensed private agencies can enroll and capture data from citizens and legal residents and send to the NIMC back-end

“Having an ecosystem that is sustainable will not interfere with the functions of other agencies; rather it will make the data collection process easier. As other data collecting agencies will rely on the NIN as the primary means of identification, putting an end to duplication of functions", he said.

The DG further said that it will bring an increase in enrolment centres nationwide making the process easier and more accessible. He therefore urged the general public to take advantage of the ecosystem and be identified for life.

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