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The Giant Strides of Akwa Ibom State University ...simply Unstoppable

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Ever wondered what the Akwa Ibom State University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Eno J. Ibanga has been up to in the last day or two? Wonder no more!

In keeping with the promise that was made earlier in the year to seek more innovative ways to further reposition the Faculty of Engineering, specially the Marine and the Civil Engineering departments of Akwa Ibom State University, the Vice Chancellor has paid a visit to Temple University, Philadelphia.

Part of the numerous reasons why the institution seeks to collaborate with Temple University in its area of strong competitive advantage, is due to the statistics that stand in favour of Temple university. These include:

- Temple University is Ranked 18th in world Google Scholar citations (click here to read) 
- Temple University is ranked R1 as the Highest Institution with Research Activity in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education (click here to read) 
- According to The Brookings Institution, Temple University is ranked 7th among the list of Research Universities Driving Innovation (click here to read) 
- Temple University is the First in the World to Successfully Remove HIV from Human Cells (click here to read) 
- Temple University is ranked 18th in the global list of Universities whose New Technologies created by their Researchers was successfully Transferred to Industry In 2016. 

Temple University's history began in 1884, when a young working man asked Russell Conwell if he could tutor him at night. A well-known Philadelphia minister, Conwell quickly said yes. It wasn't long before he was teaching several dozen students - working people who could only attend class at night but had a strong desire to make something of themselves.

The fledgling college continued to grow, adding programs and students throughout the following decades. Today, Temple's more than 35,000 students continue to follow the university's official motto - “Perseverance Conquers” - with their supreme dedication to excellence in academics, research, athletics, the arts and more.

Temple University is a public, 4-year Research University and a national leader in education, research and healthcare. They have a 15:1 Students-to-Faculty ratio.

To know more about Akwa Ibom State University, click here or click the PLAY button below:

Photo-credit: Mr. Tony Ufot 

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