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Steps to find out if your Facebook data was passed to Cambridge Analytica

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Using a newly launched online tool, you, yes you can now check to find out if you belong to the 87 million people that had their Facebook data scraped by political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. Effective April 9 2018, some Facebook users affected by the data breach have began seeing a message at the top of their News Feed. 

Only those who directly used (or were friends with someone who used) the “This Is Your Digital Life” app, developed by the researcher Alexander Kogan, will however be notified. But anyone can check if their data was collected by heading to Facebook’s help pages. To find out, click here and read the automated message from Facebook. 

If you happen to be caught in the scandal, here is what you can do: 
(1) All Facebook users are being encouraged to check the social network’s well-hidden privacy settings to see which apps and websites have permission to access their Facebook data. While you can revoke access now, this won’t mean that any data collected is deleted by third parties. 

(2) As Facebook’s privacy protections were alarmingly lax prior to a major policy change in 2014, any of your friends who took part in personality quizzes and other Facebook games may have inadvertently handed over all of your Facebook profile data to third parties without your direct consent. Tracking down exactly how much of your profile data has been exploited in this way is likely to prove impossible.

In short: there’s very little you can do. Revoke access to all apps and websites you don’t want to share your Facebook data with and spend some time going through Facebook’s myriad of privacy settings to make sure everything is locked down. Any data that was leaked in the past is now long gone and it will likely take years to understand the full scale of the scandal.

Examples of Datasets that were likely harvested by Cambridge Analytica:
- The about me section of your profile
- Your like and unlike actions
- Your birthday
- Check-ins and history
- Events and games activity
- Home town, interests, lives, location, notes.
- Online presence, photo and video tags, photos and questions.
- Relationship details, relationships, religion and politics.
- Subscriptions, website and work history.

Recall that the world recently woke up in March 2018 to learn about the unethical practises that took place in one of Facebook's 3rd party application when a whistleblower Christopher Wylie came to the fore with facts that clearly shocked millions of Facebook users. In reaction, the delete Facebook campaign was launched and was targeted at encouraging people to stop using the Facebook app for fear in insecurity and data mismanagement. In case you missed that story, click here to read.

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