Sex for Marks ...the phone conversation will send shivers down your spin. - aksu360

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Sex for Marks ...the phone conversation will send shivers down your spin.

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The lid appears to have finally been blown over a sex-for-marks by a lecturer in Obafemi Awolowo University. This was brought to the fore with a leaked telephone conversation purported between one Prof. Richard Akindele and a female student in the Federal Government owned varsity.

In the audio, Prof Akindele, a professor of Management and Accounting could be heard soliciting for sex from a female student of the school. The student repeatedly addressed the other person in the conversation as ‘Prof. Akindele’The lady in the phone conversation is believed to be a final year student, who failed a course taught by the professor.

The leaked conversation suggests the student had refused the lecturer’s initial sex demand to upgrade her. But then, she called later to seek the lecturer’s assurance she would be passed once sexual intercourse happened between them. The lecturer said after sleeping with her “I will do it in your presence.” Yet, there was no agreement again because the lecturer said he would sleep with the student for 5 different days, a condition the student rejected.

The following is the dialogue between the professor and the student in the audio.

Student: Hello Sir, Professor Akindele, yesterday you said something but because I was close to my boyfriend I could not say anything. You said you’ve submitted it

Lecturer: I gave you an opportunity and you missed it. Forget about it. You will do it next year..........
Click the PLAY button below to listen to their complete conversation:

Meanwhile Abiodun Olanrewaju, the spokesperson for OAU  confirmed that the management of the Ivory tower is already aware of the scandal. According to him, “the university is aware and we are setting up machinery to critically look at the issue to determine the veracity or otherwise of the case”

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