Russia Votes ...Exit polls say Putin has won his 4th term with 74% - aksu360

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Russia Votes ...Exit polls say Putin has won his 4th term with 74%

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That Vladimir Putin will win in Russia’s presidential election Sunday wasn't really in doubt. The only concern was apathy and voter's turn out. Casting his ballot in Moscow, Putin seemed confident of victory, saying he would consider any percentage of votes a success. Putin had earlier remarked that “the program that I propose for the country is the right one”.

Election monitors had earlier reported irregularities at voting stations across Russia, even though election authorities were under orders to ensure that the voting was free and fair after violations marred Putin’s last election in 2012.

The 8 presidential candidates were barred from campaigning Sunday, but much-loved entertainers appealed to voters in a televised message aired throughout the day to fulfil their civic duty and go to the polls.

With the win, Putin will be serving a new 6-year term and this effectively makes him the longest-serving Kremlin leader since Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. He has been either President or Prime Minister since 1999 and the term, which under Russia's constitution would have to be his last, is set to run until 2024.

via Reuters

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