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For the First time in History, Saudi women will be Allowed to Drive

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Effective immediately with roll-out increasing up till June 2018, Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive, King Salman bin Abdulaziz has decreed, in a move that effectively ends the Saudi Arabia's reign as the only country in the world that forbids women from obtaining their driver's licenses.

The long-standing ban has been deeply unpopular abroad and is often pointed to as proof of Saudi Arabia's repressive rule. Saudi Arabia is no stranger to widespread criticism of its human rights record, and the kingdom's imprisonment of women who dare to drive has ranked high among its critics' list of complaints.

Millions of smartphones across Saudi Arabia pinged non-stop with words of disbelief and congratulations after the surprise announcement that the kingdom will remove the ban on women driving.

“It’s amazing,” said 20-year-old Reyouf Almuhaya, a college student, speaking from Riyadh. “I might have cried a little. It feels good. It feels free. Freedom is all I can think about right now.”

Like many women, Almuhaya was sitting in the back of a car - a hired male driver behind the wheel - when she heard the news. She tried to tell the driver, and he wasn’t pleased about the change, she said. “He was like, when am I going to leave then?” she said.

Below is a list of things Saudi women are still barred from doing: 
1. Women are not allowed to travel without the permission of a male guardian - usually their father or husband. 
2. They are not allowed to "dress for beauty" and must cover their hair and bodies in public under the law. 
3. Women are required to limit the amount of time spent with men to whom they are not related. 
4. A Saudi woman cannot open a bank account without her husband's permission. 
5. Women cannot eat freely in public. They must eat under their face veil. 
6. Women must limit physical closeness with other men and be segregated from the opposite sex in most Offices, Banks and Universities.

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