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The Lagos State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Hyginus Omeje, has warned articulated vehicle drivers against loading their vehicles above bridge heads and electrical installations. He said some trucks in the city centre usually took the risk of carrying containers or loads that were higher than electrical cables, foot and flyover bridges.

The FRSC boss said such truck drivers use long poles or sticks to lift electrical cables, adding that they risked being electrocuted. Omeje advised truck drivers to stop the dangerous habits, saying their action was capable of destroying pedestrian bridges and other installations. 

He said: “We have always cautioned those engaged in carrying too much load within streets, it cannot occur on the major highways except around Badagry. On the Badagry axis, we have had some cases where they will cross the Nigerian border and add excess load when they get to the trade fair area. It resulted in one or two crashes in the past but ever since then, we have put eagle eyes on them, articulated vehicles, along with other security agencies. 

When we see such kind of load, we stop them and make sure they reduce it. Some of them carry out such acts mostly at night. The height of the vehicles is usually not the problem because the manufacturers built them to specifications which considered the bridges but the excess load is what causes the problems. It is an offence, it is not negotiable, if we get to see such drivers carrying loads higher than bridges, we impound the vehicle.”

The sector commander said some of the offenders use the cover of the night to overload the vehicles. Omeje said the command was presently implementing a policy that discouraged articulated vehicles from using bridges. According to him, such vehicles are being encouraged to use service lanes to reduce incidences of fallen containers.

Omeje added that the FRSC was collaborating with Lagos State Mobile Courts to prosecute offenders and force drivers to latch their containers. He explained: “Under the Lagos State Traffic Law, 2012, the fine for unlatched containers is N250,000. We have been slamming the fine on them and it has got to the brim for them that they are now taking precaution.”

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