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World Cities with the Worst Traffic? Definitely not Lagos (MUST READ!)

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No one enjoys sitting in traffic no matter the weather, but in heavily populated cities around the world, residents have had no choice but to accept it as a way of life. In case you are familiar with Lagos and you probably thought that the city with the worst traffic was our beloved Eko, well we have some news ... think again!

We present in a snap, the top eleven (11) cities with the worst traffic in the world. 
(1)  Mexico City, Mexico 
Traffic gets backed up as tourists attempt to into Mexico City,
(2) Istanbul, Turkey 
Traffic jams form on a highway on in Istanbul, Turkey.
(3) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
An aerial view of a traffic jam in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
(4) Moscow, Russia 
Cars are pictured on a road in Moscow, Russia, as it snows.
(5) Bucharest, Romania 
A traffic jam chokes streets in Bucharest, Romania.
(6)  Recife, Brazil 
A traffic jam occurs on route BR101 in Recife, Brazil.
(7) Chengdu, China 
As far as the eyes can see ...commuter traffic flows from a skyline of apartment buildings in Chengdu, China.
(8) Los Angeles, United States 
Heavy traffic clogs the 101 Freeway as people leave work for in Los Angeles, California.
(9) Tianjin, China 
Rush-hour traffic clogs roadways in Tianjin, China.
(10) London, United Kingdom 
Traffic jams a main route into London, England, by the towers of the financial district Canary Wharf.
(11) Chongquing, China 
The world's most confusing traffic lights in Chongqing, China.
Five (5) typical methods for beating traffic:
- Make use of real-time traffic and dynamic navigation.
- Try taking a new route.
- Check the traffic conditions before leaving.
- Consider leaving earlier or later to manoeuvre around peak congestion times.
-Try a different mode of travel, such as bike, bus or walking.

Just in case you didn't know, now you know!

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