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InforTech weekly ...Twitter Tweaks its Design

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Twitter has updated the design of the company’s mobile and desktop apps in an attempt to simplify the social network’s interface. Rather than a complete redesign, the new updated look features a number of small changes to the general layout such as the relocation of all Settings to a new left hand side menu and the removal of a profile button (users will now swipe right on the homescreen to access their profile among other options). Significant changes include both font and styling, as well as thinner strokes and new buttons. 

The biggest change moves the profile to a side navigation tab, which can be accessed by clicking on the new circular profile picture at the top of your timeline. Your profile, additional accounts, moments, lists, settings and privacy, and help will all be accessed from this menu. This will leave four main tabs at the bottom of the screen, Home, Search, Mentions and Direct Messages.

The overall design has been softened, with more use of white space, to ensure a cleaner and more readable page. Some of the changes will already be familiar to users of the Android app, which underwent a redesign in 2016. Writing in a blog post Grace Kim, Twitter's Vice President of User Research and Design, said: "Last year, we told you exactly who we are and refreshed our brand. Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from you, we’re refreshing our product too and making it feel lighter, faster, and easier to use".

That said, the changes make Twitter look much more like numerous other social networks today, including Instagram (a failed Twitter acquisition target), Snapchat, and...yes, Google Plus. Industry watchers have long argued however that, Google Plus pioneered the circle avi design trend as far back as May 2013.

Latest Tech Report indicated that Twitter grew its user base by 9 million to 328 million monthly actives in the last quarter - many thanks to President Trump. To signup for a Twitter account, click here.

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