Akwa Ibom State University now have their Customised Staff Social-Network App - aksu360

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Akwa Ibom State University now have their Customised Staff Social-Network App

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As part of the on-going roll out of various technologically driven Applications tailored to meet part of the growing Collaboration and Research needs of Akwa Ibom State University, the ICT Unit of the state-owned varsity has implemented a dynamic and user-friendly social media tool known as “Akwa Ibom State University Workplace”.

The sleek app is built using modern and cutting-edge technology and has features that support one-to-one and group chats using end-to-end data encryption tools. Other features include LIVE video and document sharing, instant-post/instant-reply feature and a University-wide news feed column. It also supports integrations on tools such as Google drive, One Drive and Drop box among others.
Newly constructed ICT/TETFUND building
The application is designed and configured to allow only staff of Akwa Ibom State University to interact among themselves (from the comfort of their mobile devises and desktop computers) anywhere they are in the world, share ideas as well as set timelines/reminders. This app has generally brought together work tools, that will allow more staff to turn their creative ideas into effective solutions. Akwa Ibom State University Workplace app has a feature that allows staff to form themselves into smaller and effective groups that can be tailored to suite their work purpose.

Every member of the University is expected to register and make effective use of this modern corporate ICT tool. implemented barely four (4) days ago, about three hundred (300) staff have already signed up to the application and that number is set to grow in the coming days and weeks. Welcome to AKSU WORKPLACE! Welcome to increased Productivity! 
Ami mme Dakka ndaa, Afo?

To visit the landing page of the Application, please click here

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