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#aksuConvocation2017: The Success Story (must read) +VIDEO

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When His Excellency, the Governor arrived Akwa Ibom State University
Under a sky that was clear and sunny, Akwa Ibom State University on Wednesday, the 17th of May 2017 rolled out her drums in an event to celebrate the 2017 2nd and 3rd combined Convocation of the institution. 

The event was preceded earlier with the commissioning of a newly completed state-of-the-arts four (4) story Administrative block by the Governor of Akwa Ibom State and the visitor to the University – Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.  Dignitaries that attended the event included the Wife of the Executive Governor, Deputy Governor, the acting Akwa Ibom State Chief Justice, members of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly (past and present), Commissioners of Akwa Ibom State (past and present), friends and stakeholders of Akwa Ibom State University, representatives of the National Universities Commission among several other eminent personalties.

The event was earlier moderated by Mr. Raphael Edem (SA to the Akwa Ibom State Governor), who latter handed over proceedings to the Registrar of the University – Mr. John Udo. In the course of the event, various messages of support were received from various Tertiary institutions across the Country.

Speaking during the event, the Chancellor of the Akwa Ibom State University HRH Alh. Najib Hussaini Adamu opinied that “great institutions do not happen by accident but that Great institutions are built through hard work, dedication and an insatiable desire to excel". He quoted from Proverbs 24:5 (A wise man is strong, and a man of knowledge increases power.) and went on to lay three (3) key areas that our graduates have to embrace viz-a-viz:  Continuous Learning, embrace of the Digital Revolution as well as Entrepreneurship.
Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel arrives the convocation ground of Akwa Ibom State University
HRH Alh. Najib Hussaini Adamu submitted to the graduating students that "the was no going back as the future will be completed digital".

Also speaking during the event, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Eno Ibanga (who was visibly full of joy and happiness) said that the 2016/17 academic session saw an 18% increase in the number of students that were admitted into the University when compared with the 2015/2016 enrolment. He expressed gladness that Akwa Ibom State University students are some of the best behaved in Nigeria. The Vice-Chancellor highlighted the fact that his administration has over the past two years cleared the backlog of promotion from 2012/2013 session to 2015/2016 academic session and equally taken steps to ensure that learning facilities correlate with the attendant increase in the student and staff population.
Governor Udom Emmanuel in a warm handshake with the Chancellor of Akwa Ibom State University
The Vice-Chancellor told guests at the Convocation that the newly completed state-of-the-arts four (4) story Administrative block which was earlier inaugurated by the Visitor to the institution was competed in a record four and half months. Prof. Ibanga informed the August assembly that the University has gone ahead and established linkage programmes with several institutions and organizations across the world and is set to introduce Post-Graduate programs.

Other Highlights of the Vice-Chancellor's speech were:
- The University has created an Alumni Relations Office to promote healthy relationships with its former students both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. 
- The University is splitting the Faculty of Science into the Faculty of Physical Sciences, and the Faculty of Biological Sciences. 
- The University is building Marketing and Accounting laboratories at the Obio Akpa Campus

Governor Udom Emmanuel marches into the 2017 Convocation arena in company of Mr. Moses Ekpo MFR
Prof. Ibanga ended his speech on a high, by charging all the graduating students to remain good ambassadors of the University and expressed confidence that they will excel in all their endeavours.

The high point of the day was when the His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State and Visitor to the University addressed the convocation gathering. The Governor called on institutions of higher learning across the country to equip graduates with requisite skills that would enable them measure up with their counterparts in the globally competitive work environment.
Akwa Ibom State University Convocation Senate procession
He acknowledged that the world was undergoing changes and urged citadels of learning to prepare students to view the world as a vast land of opportunities where they would translate creative ideas into sustainable wealth and cited people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Job and Michael Dell whom he said have impacted the World through creative endeavours.

"I challenge this university to begin a new academic conversation to the effect that while it is wonderful to look forward to building a career in the civil service or other professional lines, we can equally be successful or if not more, if we think up ideas and match them with technology and then begin to put the building blocks towards wealth creation.”

The Governor said that his administration has started the process by sending youths abroad to learn and equip themselves with skills that would make them drivers of industrialization programme of the administration. Mr Emmanuel particularly commended the graduating class of 2017 for conducting themselves in a manner that qualify them for the award of degrees and certificates in various disciplines and wished them well as they take up the challenge of building their career in the future.

"I have no doubt that the quality of education you have received here will stand you in good stead to compete with your contemporaries and in the process, project the foundational tenets and vision of this great institution as it ambassadors", the Governor stated.

While pledging his administration’s resolve to provide quality and affordable education to every citizen, the Governor urged the University to explore ways of increasing it revenue profile using available facilities in the school and made a job offer to the best graduating student Mr Evans Joel Udom.
(L-R) - The Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, the Chancellor
(L-R); The Chancellor of Akwa Ibom State University, the Vice-Chancellor, Governor Udom Emmanuel and his wife

Parents and Guardians paid rapt attention as the Convocation events unfolded

Governor Udom Emmanuel addressed the Convocation assembly

The smiles have it...

The moment you are invited to come for a handshake with Governor Udom Emmanuel

The handshake of the day...

The technical crew of Akwa Ibom State Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) also graced the 2017 Convocation event
Vital Statistics of the day:
>Total number of first class degrees - 33
>Total number of 2nd class upper degrees - 286
>Total number of 2nd class lower degrees - 518
>Total number of 3rd class degrees - 75
>Total number of pass degrees - 3
>Grand total of degrees award - 916  

>Hashtag of the day: #aksuConvocation2017, #dakkadah, #GovernorUdomIsWorking
>Combined impressions on Social Media: 59,797
>Population of convocation attendees: 10,000 approx
>Event start time : 12.05pm
>Event end time : 3:35pm
>Temperature : 29 degrees Celsius
>Wind speed : SSW 10 km/h
>Humidity : 66%
>Visibility : 17.5km

Social Media Channels of the day were:
(vi) www.aksu360.blogspot.com

Find some video excepts below and press PLAY to watch:

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