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A couple of thoughts on why #bbNaija ended the way it did.

1. His character was simply, real and down to earth:
From day 01, in the Big Brother houses, Efe Ejeba maintained an ordinary look and connected with the everyday Nigerians, that are daily hustling to survive. His choice of pidgin language in every-day communication in the house, endeared him to the hearts of many. Fast forward to those who spoke Queen’s English, etc, they were among the first set of house-mates to be evicted. Before you continue, please take time out and watch the 4min 44seconds video below:

2. Efe Wasn’t What You Thought He Would Be:
Admit it: we all thought Efe would be the one in the house who could barely string more than a line of speech in English or the one who would have asked Biggie for a wrap of marijuana or the chain-smoker. Ese it was who struggled through reading Biggie’s tasks when she was Head of House and Cocoice got the nickname ‘ever blazing’ but it wasn’t marijuana, just tobacco.

The rasta-hair-styled guy was also not the housemate you expected to read his Bible and pray often – but that was what he did – from the first time he faced eviction, Efe picked his Bible, read some verses and prayed. Such stuff resonate with people in a highly religious (perhaps not spiritual) nation. Walking out of the house as the final housemates left, hand in hand with Bisola, chanting “Oghene biko” over and over again – another resonance with a religious people but by then, he had already won.

During the period he was Head of House, Efe intervened in many matters and was never afraid to take sides in telling anyone that they were wrong. He could speak English fluently but chose to speak pidgin most times and was never afraid to ask for the meaning of words he didn’t understand.

3. He earned several celebrity endorsements while the show lasted:
Give or take, Nigerians are not stupid by any means! They know how to spot fakeness and an individual that has inert potentials and who, given the right environment, will take the world by storm. That is what the likes of Wizzy, Olamide, AY, Psquare, IgoDie, Karen Igho, Basket Mouth, Ali Baba, Phyno, Akpororo, Ice Prince, Kcee, Annie Idibia, AY and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa saw in Efe. They wasted no time, as the days went by, to endorse the 'based on logistics' crooner

Don’t forget that celebrities in Nigeria have an average of 1 million followers on social media networks and a combination of of the power that such class of people can pull, should not be under-estimated

4. He had a rather strong ground game:
While the show ran, Nigerians saw car stickers, car banners, T-shirts, bill boards, etc take-over the landscape of various communities in Nigeria. We saw market woman praying openly for Efe, we saw people set up prayer cells with Efe as their major prayer point. Nigerians printed bread labels in the name of Efe. His entire family came out in full blast to support their own. My one and a half year old son knew the name Efe, once he came on TV. Before Nigerians could say jack, Efe had become a movement - one that could not be stopped.
The father of Efe (in yellow)and family engrossed in watching their son on Live TV
Efe also from day 01 kept singing the praise of his wonderful family brothers, parents, etc. This struck a major chord in the heart of many ordinary Nigerians.
Family members of Efe show strong support for their own
5. Knew the nitty-gritty of co-existence and how to co-habit with others. He was able to smell trouble from afar and allow it to slide:
Efe was one person who never hesitated to introduce himself to anyone who cared to listen that he was from Warri and that in Warri, face no dey fear face. Couple of times, fellow house-mates had issues with him and when tensions escalated, he took the moral high ground and went into shut-down mood.

One naturally expects any Nigerians, who has had some form of tertiary education and gone on his NYSC to have learnt how to co-exist with strangers. Efe seemed to have this power within his grasp.

6. He was fully committee to the cause (aka Die-Put):
Viewers lost count of how times Efe won various competitions while in the house - the likes of Payporte arena games as well as the Head of House competition. He knew how to put-in all his might into any assignment that he was involved in - the Warri-spirit in him was on full blast. As Efe himself would put it, in everything that one does, we should 'make good use of our kidney'.
Market women in Sapele drink to celebrate Efe
Article was written by Mr. Umoh, A - a Public Affairs commentator.

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