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#bbNaija Update: The wind blows into Bassey’s face

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During last night eviction, Biggie introduced another game changer. This week, the Housemates will Vote and save one of the Nominated Housemates. This is how it will go: The Housemates will Nominate tomorrow night, as usual, and at the end of the Live Nomination Show, four Housemate will be up for possible Eviction next Sunday. The Voting lines will open immediately after the Show. 

If one of the Nominated Housemates gets more Votes from their fellow Housemates than another, they will be saved from possible Eviction. The public will then Vote for the remaining three Housemates. However, if there is a tie, then none of the four will be saved and they will rely on your Votes. In addition to this, the Housemates will discuss Nominations and Voting, henceforth. While this constituted conspiracy before, Biggie gave the Housemates the go ahead tonight. “You are free to form all the alliances you want to form. However, whispering is still not allowed so be careful with this,” warned Ebuka.

No one had seen the wind blowing in Bassey’s direction, whose Eviction left behind shaken Housemates and a trembling Debie-Rise.

Bassey had initially joined BBNaija as another twist from Biggie to the House dynamics to unsettle the game. Together with Debie-Rise, their arrival had received a rather cold and indifferent welcome by Housemates, eliciting a mixture of competition from the guys and attraction from the girls of the House.
How Nigerians voted
Over time, Bassey had won his place in his Housemates’ hearts, winning the title of Igwe, mastering the Friday Nights Games and overall displaying a very pleasant personality. Perhaps because they had entered the game last, Bassey and Debie-Rise shared the special bond of the outcasts that gradually moved to a much more intimate relationship where they leaned on each other for support.

With his charisma, the spirit of fair play and business acumen, we posit that the future is bright for Bassey. Yak emem abah!

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