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Enter the car of the Future ...acrylic vehicles (Pix +Video)

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The world has changed and moving at a very fast pace to catch up with the future cars drive themselves and plane flight without human pilots.

The big question among automakers is whether they will be the ones to provide new technologies - and profit from them - or will major tech companies like Google and Apple take a slice of the industry. For now, the two sides are balancing cooperation against competition as they gauge what the future holds. 

General Motors CEO Mary Barra succinctly expressed a common view, asserting that “we will see more change in the industry in the next five to 10 years than we have in the last 50.” Dieter Zetsche, the head of Daimler AG, described the car and technology companies as being “frenemies.”

If Apple or Google starts making cars - something neither has said it intends to do - “then we are competitors.” New technologies could lead to all sorts of innovations, such as real-time navigating around a slippery stretch of road and eliminating the need for a home garage by having cars drive themselves to people who summon them through a mobile app.

the acrylic car technology is yet another innovation that is fast making the new is this transparent car of ZF company equipped with different security systems is presented on the second press day of the Frankfurt Auto Show IAA Frankfurt, Germany. The following shows the new technology innovations featured in the vehicle to keep drivers and car passengers safe:

- To ensure the safety of driver and the passengers, there are a range of airbags, active sensors, braking and steering products.
- An integrated brake control system (IBC) enables a car to automatically brake in case of emergency situation.
- The car has 360 degree sensors to process information from around the vehicle for emergency situations and a radar system that scans the road ahead for pedestrians and stationary cars to warn drivers of possible collisions and pedestrians.
 - A new ‘active’ seat belt system can tighten or relax the seatbelts as needed.
- There is an electrically powered steering system which even offers fuel-saving benefits.

These safety systems can definitely help reducing the number of road fatalities worldwide. Not to mention, being able to see what’s usually hidden by body  panels is a pretty impressive display by itself.

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