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See how your body will react if you take nothing but water for 15 days

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There are so many things you stand to gain when you pay attention to issues that concern your well-being. The people in the society we live in now are more conscious of the things they take in order to keep their bodies fit.

If you are one of the few people who are passionate about the things they eat and how they treat their bodies, then this is for you. There are so many reasons why you should drink water as much as possible. 

Water being a universal solvent has lots of uses; but for this piece, we would leave aside its industrial use and focus more on the health benefits. The body needs water to function properly and to look healthy. The amount of water you drink daily influences your rate of metabolism.

If you are keen on boosting your energy levels and your overall health status, you need to drink more water. If you are brave enough to drink only water for 15 days, you will be surprised to see your body change. The body is made up of about 80 percent of water, this makes the function of the organs within the body run smoothly. Cutting off beverages and foods while making water the main thing you consume will help you achieve the following:

1. Assists in weight loss 
For those who are looking forward to shedding some weight and looking fit, they can take on the water challenge and drink nothing but water for 15 days. This will help them lose weight because their body will make use of the stored calories while water will drive away the persistent feeling of hunger.

For those who cannot help not eating, taking water before a meal will help reduce the amount of food they consume.

2. Helps flush the system 
Drinking water does a whole lot with the maintenance of the organs within the body system. The toxins in the body can get flushed out when a considerable amount of water is being taken on a regular basis. as a detoxifier, the body is kept clean of the toxins in it. To achieve this quickly, lime can be added to the water. 

3. Improved metabolism 
Taking only water will help improve the rate of metabolism which makes your body to be at its best. The heart is kept healthy as the blood is thin and able to circulate easily. The issue of blood clotting will not be added to your worries as you will be healthy and fit during this period. The chances of having a heart attack or stroke is also reduced.

4. Improves retention 
Drinking water helps keep the brain active and sharp. If you are concerned about being focused and sharp all day, then you should not deny yourself the satisfaction of drinking water. Mental clarity is enhanced with the regular intake of water. Dehydration which often makes people feel faint will be avoided.

5. Keeps the bones healthy 
Drinking water daily helps make the bones stronger; the cartilages and protective barriers around the bones are kept healthy and strengthened. Flexibility is also enhanced as water helps bind the connective tissues of the joints and make them strong.

6. Promotes healthy looking skin 
Regular intake of water has the ability to make your skin look fresh and healthy. Ageing is slowed down due to water's effect on collagen and the cells in the body. Some skin reactions also fade out with the regular drinking of water.

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