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Going to NYSC camp soon? Here is a list of items you shouldn't forget

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The management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has recently opened the registration portal for prospective 2016 batch B corps members. This is an indication that posting of prospective corps members will commence after the registration phase. This article is aimed at helping you prepare adequately for an itch-free three (3) weeks orientation camp.

On arrival at your respective orientation camps, a compulsory registration exercise will be conducted. For this Registration exercise you will need the following documents:

(1) Authentic Student ID Card – very important (Original and photocopies)
(2) Notification/Statement of Result from your School (Original and Photocopies)
(3) NYSC Call-up letter (original and photocopies)
(4) Recent Passport Photograph – (twenty <20> copies for a start)

Other forms would be given to you at the point of registration of which you will need to attach your passport to and fill appropriately. Endeavour to complete these forms with extra care as any wrong information may affect you negatively. After your registration, you will be issued with your State Code Number.

Going to camp with all the above listed documents will get you through your registration at the orientation camp, up to the point of collection of mattress and your NYSC kit. The NYSC kit consists of: 
- 2 round neck loosely fitted white T-shirts     - 2 pair of white shorts
- One NYSC crested vest                               - a crested NYSC cap
- a pair of Jungle boots                                 - a pair of NYSC white tennis shoes.
- a pair of NYSC khaki (Jacket, Belt and trousers)

*Most often than not, the size of the above items issued-out dont exactly match your body size. The smart thing is to look out for a fellow Corper who has the same challenge and agree on an exchange of sort, assuming his/her own will fit you. In the alternative, tailors will be available in the mami market to assist in some form of amendment (for a token fee).

To survive your 3 weeks Orientation you will need more than what NYSC would be providing you with. Some of these things you may need to purchase before you make that journey to your orientation camp. These other important stuff are listed below:
- 3 round-neck white t-shirts                                - 2 pair of shorts (optional)
- An extra pair of white tennis shoes                   - Medium-sized Waist pouch
- Sunglasses (If you are posted to the North)      - Water-bottle
- Cardigan                                                            - Bed sheets and pillow case
- Toiletries                                                            - Extra set of clothes for Sunday
- Cereals and provisions                                      - Cash (at least N15,000)
- Food Flask                                                         - Slippers
- Torchlight                                                           - Bucket, etc
* About all of the above items can be purchase in the orientation camp, as markets (in their numbers) operate various stands where various items can be purchased.

As an average prospective Corp member, going to the NYSC camp with all the above listed items will ensure a hassle free and pretty fun-filled camp experience.

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