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Meet the Democratic Party Vice Presidential Nominee - Tim Kaine

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Senator Tim Kaine
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has selected Tim Kaine, a senator from Virginia, as her running mate. Mrs Clinton broke the news in a tweet late on Friday. She plans a formal announcement on Saturday.

Mrs Clinton passed over more left-leaning candidates in favour of the 58-year-old senator who supports free-trade agreements. His home state of Virginia is a major battleground in the coming election. Potential candidates that were touted such as progressive favorite U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and two Hispanic members of Obama's Cabinet, Julian Castro and Thomas Perez are said to could have been able to  generate more excitement among liberal and Hispanic activists

The former secretary of state will be formally nominated as the party's Presidential candidate for the Nov. 8 election at next week's Democratic convention in Philadelphia. It is interesting to note that Clinton leads Trump in many opinion polls.

A campaign official said Clinton was impressed with Kaine's down-to-earth style when she campaigned with him in Virginia last week. Afterwards, Kaine went back to her house in Washington, D.C., for a 90-minute evening meeting.

Two days later, Kaine and his wife, Anne, joined Clinton in New York for lunch, along with Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, daughter Chelsea and Chelsea's husband. Kaine was the only vice presidential candidate to have a private family lunch during the vetting process, the official said.

The Man - Tim Kaine?
Mr Kaine speaks fluent Spanish and could help the Clinton campaign maintain its support among Hispanic Americans - a growing voting bloc. An experienced politician who has been toughly vetted, he is considered a "safe" choice for the vice-president slot. He personally opposes abortion but supports abortion rights.

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