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Bread Scarcity Hits Akwa Ibom State ....bakers embark on strike

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Residents of Akwa Ibom state are  grappling with crippling  scarcity of bread as bakers in the state have closed shop to protest high cost of flour.
Explaining the rationale behind the strike in a chat with aksu360, a baker, Mr. Edem Edem said the move was to draw attention to the  high cost of bread ingredients and the impending increment in prices of bread.

We have been battling with high cost of flour and other bread ingredients and that was why we effected minor increment in prices of bread but that has still not been able to make the business worthwhile; therefore we have decided to effect a major price increment to ensure that the cost of bread is commensurate with its ingredients”.

He, however, assured that the ongoing strike would be called off on Saturday as it was mainly arranged to drive the plight of bakers to the minds of consumers and get them prepared for possible increment in prices of various sizes of bread.

A market survey by aksu360 revealed that a bag of flour now goes for N11,000 against the N7,500 it was last year. Apart from flour, prices of other ingredients of this commonest food item has skyrocketed remarkably within the last couple of months.

The current scarcity of bread has worsened the economic situation in the state coupled with  the high cost of living due to increment in prices of food items and every other item in the market, including kerosene which now goes for N300  per litre.

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