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Turkey’s military attempt to take over Government and overthrow the Government of President Erdogan may have  effectively failed and here is why:

-- In past coups, the military acted with unity and chain of command. It controlled the media, the government institutions, the politicians, and it put the PM in jail. Now what we had was at best, a chaotic situation where it became obvious that it was only a fraction of the military acting. Erdogan was loose, he was able to connect with the media, he was able to turn tens of thousands of supporters into the streets. There was no curfew, no martial law, no stability and order. The police and the army were facing off, with the police loyal to Erdogan.

--The section of the military that plotted the coup, simply did NOT have the numbers. The attempted coup may have been planned by middle-level officers, who did not carry superior officers along in their planning. This perhaps explains why it was relatively easy for the coup to be suppressed.

Signs that Presient Erdogan  is back in power
(a) Reuters has reported that that Turkish authorities have shot down a military helicopter apparently operated by soldiers trying to stage a coup. This was the same helicopter that was used to fire on the offices of state satellite TV/cable operator Turksat in Ankara.

(b) '50 soldiers' surrendered on bridge
Around 50 soldiers involved in an attempted military coup surrendered on the Bospherus Bridge. Witness earlier saw tens of other pro-coup soldiers surrendering to armed police in Istanbul's Taksim Square.

(c) Overnight, the President has appointed an acting Chief of staff. A clear indication that power has been gradually wrestled back gradually.

(d) Turkey state TV after being forced at gun point to read out messages from pro-coup solderers who attempted to seize power, was able to do 2 key things thereafter. It successfully shut down all broadcast of its station from Turkey and effectively began broadcasting from London.

(e) Erdogan, who had travelled overnight from the seaside resort of Marmaris addressed the country Saturday, after arrival, from Istanbul's Ataturk airport, calling the attempt "treason."

A defiant President Erdogan addressed crowds in the city, telling them that the coup had been quashed. "The government is in control," he told supporters. 

It should be pointed out that no President who has been overthrown in a coup, could ever get to the country’s airport and address news reports on LIVE tv, if he was not sure of his security and safety.

 aksu360 will bring more updates, as we have it......

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