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5 Employability Benefits of a Good Masters Degree

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Could your postgraduate degree be worth N1,000,000?
While some jobs require a specific postgraduate qualification, there are many others where this won’t be specified as an application requirement. However there are still a number of reasons why a postgraduate qualification such as a masters degree could be of particular interest to employers.

Research indicates that graduates with a masters qualification could expect to earn up to N2,000,000 more a year than a graduate with a bachelors degree. So why is a masters qualification a great asset and how can you communicate that to employers? Here’s the top five things we think you should focus on:

1. Specialist knowledge and skills
As a postgraduate student, you will be studying your subject to a level of detail and specialism that will help set you apart from undergraduates. You will have a very specific knowledge base, which could be a requirement, or at least an advantage, for jobs that require a level of specialist insight.

“We want to hire masters students because they have a basic level of specialist understanding in the area we’re looking for.  We want to learn from them as much as hire them” A graduate recruiter quoted in Masters with a Purpose, 2014

2. An inquisitive mind
Even a taught masters course will involve a significant element of research through extended projects and dissertations. The ability to find, analyse, interpret and report on data and information is a valuable skill in a wide range of job roles.

3. Taking the initiative
Throughout your course you will generally be expected to work and study with a higher level of independence. You will usually be required to complete a project or dissertation that demonstrates your ability to manage time effectively and complete task independently; attributes that are highly prized by employers.

4. Confidence and maturity
In the words one of the employers interviewed for ‘Masters with a Purpose’,
“I think you can often see that applicants with the MSc are a lot more mature and grounded than those applying for BSc level roles.  They can come over a lot more decisive and clearer when you’re interviewing candidates.” Masters with a Purpose, 2014

5. Evidence of commitment
The fact that you have proactively chosen to study a certain area at postgraduate level is a good indication of your genuine interest and commitment to that area.  This level of commitment and motivation is of real interest to employers who want keen, enthusiastic and dedicated employees.

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