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Student Buddie Mobile-App is LIVE

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A new mobile-app developed essentially for students of tertiary institutions has been released. Its called Students Buddie.

Students Buddie is the most effective students’ organizer available in the market. With Students Buddie, you can easily soar to greater heights in your academic achievements because it is designed to fit your lifestyle.

With Students Buddie, you can create a handy timetable and intuitively set weekly lecture reminder. Add offsets to the reminder and get reminded early, so you never get there late. Easily record the lecture audio while it is going on. Playback the lecture files during your personal study.

Take down notes using your mobile device and have it available anywhere and at anytime. Share lecture notes and/or recorded lecture files on social media and help your friends catch up with lectures. If you miss a class, receive a lecture file from anyone who didn't, and upload it into your database, so you don't miss anything.

Enter your scores, calculate your Grade Goint Average (GPA) for each semester, save it to your device database, and calculate your Cumulative GPA (CGPA). Don’t wait to be told your class of degree. Student Buddie can calculate and categorize the class of your degree well ahead of your graduation. Backup your files on our server, login to Students Buddie on any device, restore your files and you’re good to go.

To get the app on your phone, simply log onto your Android or Google‪ ‎Play-Store, search for STUDENT BUDDIE and follow the link from there. To learn some more, please click here

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