Mbaka Reveals That Buhari's Chances Of Healing May Be Slim - aksu360

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Mbaka Reveals That Buhari's Chances Of Healing May Be Slim

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Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has disclosed of his recent vision concerning President Muhammadu Buhari’s ailment. Mbaka, who made the revelation in one of his Adoration programmes, stated that several efforts he made to reach people close to Buhari over the vision had remained unsuccessful as they refused picking his calls.

“Such people hate everything about the President”, he stated, while narrating the vision which he saw before the President’s present trip to London. According to him, in the vision, the President was critically sick and was being flown abroad for treatment. “His health was in a bad shape and he was asking that (Fr Mbaka) should pray for him. None among the people I have called, picked my calls.

“People think I speak with Buhari everyday. When people climb into power, they are dazed. It is a long dream. Our job is to pray for him but there are things that he must do and there is no way to communicate it to him”, he said. He however prayed for him asking the congregation to join as they all prayed for the President.

Facts About Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka You Need To Know
(1) He is not only a preacher Ejike Mbaka is a very charismatic person. 
Additionally to his career as a preacher, he is a well-known gospel singer. His recorded messages on CDs, DVDs and audio tapes were fast-selling in the market. He also has his own sachet water brand called “Aquarapha”.

(2) He escaped death for several times
In the year 2006, according, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has accused the Enugu State Governor Chimaroke Nnamani of sponsoring an armed attack on him in the city. 6 gunmen attacked Mbaka in the early hours of May 9 on Park Avenue as he was driving home from the residence of the Bishop of Enugu Catholic Diocese, Rt. Rev. Anthony Gbuji, accompanied by 3 orphans. All of the people in a car managed to escape death.

(3) Some of his crowd pulling crusades were too dangerous
In March 2002 gunmen stormed a weekly prayer meeting in the southern city of Enugu, triggering a stampede by hundreds of worshipers that left at least 12 people dead. The gunmen, who left without wounding anyone, were apparently trying to capture or harm the “fiery Roman Catholic priest Ejike Mbaka”, as has been mentioned by Vanguard. Mbaka has been repeatedly harassed and sought by Enugu state government officials.

(4) He said that Boko Haram appeared because of Goodluck Jonathan
“What is kidnapping? Kidnapping is the grandson of unemployment. Boko Haram is the grandson of unemployment, mass looting and corruption. As it stands now, Jonathan should resign. The Good luck of Jonathan has become Bad luck to Nigeria,”.

All in all, in January 2016 and partly in what some observers say was a bid to cut him to size, the fiery priest and founder of the Enugu Adoration Ministry, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka was transferred to a new parish at Emene, a suburb of the state capital.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka is a strong believer in the power of the Eucharist. For him the Eucharist is the essence, soul and life of the church. He is also of the strong view that prayer is the key to the door of all human requests to heaven. He insists that the people must pray their way out; with his popular injunction to pray until Something Happens (PUSH).

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